Landscape Consultants for Architects and Property Developers.

Warnes McGarr & Co work closely with architects, luxury developers and self-build homeowners across the UK to prepare ecology-driven landscape architecture and design including Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments (LVIA) . These reports can be necessary for planning permission and planning appeal applications, including Paragraph 55 planning applications.

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Michael, who is a fully qualified ecologist and landscape designer, has worked as consultant on a variety of building projects across the UK, Cheshire, Lancashire and Greater Manchester.

Paragraph 55 of the National Planning Policy Framework, and its predecessors Planning Policy Guidance 7 (PPG7) and the Planning Policy Statement 7 (PPS7), allow new homes that meet certain criteria to be built in the green belt and the countryside.

To gain planning consent, these properties must be landmark properties and innovative in design, marrying the surrounding landscape with proposed development.

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It is important to have a full landscape design and ecological survey including a wildlife report commissioned to support the planning application and to ensure protected species or flora or fauna are not disturbed or damaged during the build process.

We can articulate to planners that your building proposals can increase biodiversity through landscape implementation, ensuring effective planning approvals.